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Binary Options Basics

    Although options have been around for over 400 years and were obviously the first financial trading instruments, Binary Options are very new and date from just 2008. They were a response to the phenomenal increase in popularity of Forex trading among Internet users as a way to get rich quick! Of course, we know that about 95% of traders lose all their money and Binary Options were seen as a simplified, limited risk alternative to established trading.

    Options are very complex instruments and most have lives of a month or three months. Understanding them involves some serious mathematics and they start off quite expensive (various price decays happen over time). Binary Options, on the other hand, are cheap (from $10 or less), simple to understand and usually have short lives - anything from 60 seconds to one day, with the most common being 1 hour. In their simplest form (which we use) you buy a call option if you think the price will be higher in one hour, or you buy a put option if you think the price will be lower. Get it right by even one tenth of a pip and you will win the same payout as if it had moved 100 pips.

    This payout is usually between 70% and 80%, so on a $100 option, you would win $70 to $80 or lose the $100. However, many brokers pay you 10% on a losing option. If the price closes at exactly the same value, you get the full price back. You could say that you are betting on a 50:50 outcome but only getting paid 75% - which is why the brokers make a profit.

    It's not as easy as it sounds and many people increase their option price after a loss in the hope of eventually winning and recovering their losses! This is just foolish gambling and eventually will blow your account.

    Binary Options brokers use very user friendly, web based software which is much easier to master than normal trading platforms. Basically, you select your instrument from a range of Forex, Indices, shares and commodities, select the option price ($10 to $20,000) choose the time period and click on a Call or Put (Higher or Lower) button. You will then be presented with a nice graphic of whether you are winning or losing together with a countdown timer. At the expiry time you either lose the cost of the option or get it back plus 70%. Below, you can see this in action with a 1 day, $10 EUR/USD currency option. It's a call (higher) and the signal to trade would have come from our SaneFX indicator on the daily chart.

    Now, SaneFX Binary brings my many years of trading experience to this simple process in order to provide statistically profitable 'higher' or 'lower' signals as shown above and on the Home page. Trading can never be black and white and one of the reasons 95% lose at trading is because they demand black and white rules. Some discretion is always needed. My SaneFX binary guide goes into great detail how to acquire this discretion to increase your profits. All well-paying careers require years of training and everyone accepts that. However, too many people expect to jump into trading and earn good money right away! Any system that promises you that is lying and taking your money under false pretences.

    However, such is the gullibility of human nature that millions spend many years and countless thousands of dollars chasing the holy grail system of trading - rather than actually learning to trade! That's rather like spending years and a small fortune on repeatedly training to become a doctor without ever doing any studying but hoping to find an exam that you can pass, regardless...

    Yes, I'd like your money but I certainly don't need it - I already have more than enough. So, if you expect to purchase this system, spend an hour reading the guide and then get rich, I suggest you get a reality check and save your money. On the other hand, if you are prepared to spend time studying and practicing my advice on lowly $10 options, I honestly believe there is no better way to become a financially successful trader and, like me be completely free and able to live anywhere in the world...

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