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Forex, Commodities, Shares & Indices all with no spread. 1 pip makes the same as 100 pips!

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  My name is John Campbell and I used to own a small IT business in the UK. Now, I make a living from financial trading and investing.  I don't expect to make a noticeable amount of money from selling this system but that doesn't matter at all - most of my income is from actual trading, not from trying to sell systems to others.

    Why sell my systems? Why not? I have plenty of free time and it's a fun exercise. I first did this with my oil trading system. Little did I believe how successful the operation would turn out. The extra income totally surprised me and we now have traders all over the world. I can now boast that not only am I in the top 5% of traders worldwide but that I have helped over 1,000 other people become profitable traders too. That is quite satisfying. Of course, it's also frustrating when I get dummies asking for refunds when it's quite clear they haven't even read the guide! Over 90% of my e-mails are questions that are clearly answered in the instructions...

   I am currently living in the sunny Canary Islands, off the coast of Africa. Winter doesn't exist and summer temperatures rarely go above 30C - the perfect climate!